Autocomplete Mixin not working in Tapestry 5.5

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Autocomplete Mixin not working in Tapestry 5.5

Dongmei Cao

Hi !


Did anyone experienced any issue with the Autocomplete Mixin in Tapestry 5.5? I just tried with the example from JumpStart It does not work. It does not invoke the server side event handler anymore. And I noticed the browser console is giving the following error:


typeahead.js:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Bloodhound' of undefined

    at typeahead.js:26

    at typeahead.js:34

    at typeahead.js:84


Does anyone know how to fix it (or workaround it?) We have been using it in 5.3.8. We’re trying to upgrade to 5.5 and noticed the autocomplete mix stopped working.


Thank you very much in advance!









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