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Bootstrape Tab with JS Content

Hello Everybody,

something new or maybe trivial. This time I have some troubles with the Tab JavaScript Component of Bootstrap. Or maybe the way Tapestry handles it. The Situation is as follows:

I have a Component that shows a jqplot via JavaScript as follows

public void afterRender() {
            Link link = resources.createEventLink("Call");
            String uri = link.toAbsoluteURI();
            javaScriptSupport.require("escBubbleRenderer3").with(uri,, divstring, title);


Without Tab: no problem.

Then I introduced the Tab in the way
describes it. At first only with text for testing purposes. No problem. All Tabs (with text) show up.

Next I move the JavaScript Component to the active tab that is shown as default.  Again no problem.

NOW: I move the component to the second tab that is not shown in the beginning. OOPs: No plot. In the Firefox Console I can see that the component has been activated as it emits debugging information (only to say that everything is fine). The space for the plot is reserved but it doesn't show up.

And idea?