CVE-2019-0207: Apache Tapestry vulnerability disclosure

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CVE-2019-0207: Apache Tapestry vulnerability disclosure

Thiago H de Paula Figueiredo
CVE-2019-0207: Apache Tapestry 5.4.2 Path Traversal vulnerability
Severity: important
Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation
Versions affected: all Apache Tapestry versions between 5.4.0, including
its betas, and 5.4.4

Description: Tapestry processes assets `/assets/ctx` using classes chain
`StaticFilesFilter -> AssetDispatcher -> ContextResource`, which doesn't
filter the character `\`, so attacker can perform a path traversal attack
to read any files on Windows platform.

Upgrade to Tapestry 5.4.5, which is a drop-in replacement for any 5.4.x

Ricter Zheng