Can two Table components share the same model?

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Can two Table components share the same model?

Tim Downey

I've been struggling with this for a bit and am looking for some
validation that I'm not totally out of line.

I'm trying to build a page with two Table components that need to
share the same model for both data and state.  The HTML would look
sort of like this:

    <td><table jwcid="lockedTable"></td>
    <td><table jwcid="scrolledFormTable"</td>

This will provide me the ability to have the table on the left appear
to be fixed in place while the
table on the right will have horizontal scrolling capabilities for a
large number of columns.  This is analagous to wanting the name column
to stay fixed despite horizontal scrolling of the
other columns.

I've tried this using the same 'source' attribute on both tables, but
sorting and paging don't keep properly in sync.

Is what I'm attempting possible?  If it is, is it also possible if the
scrolled table is a FormTable?  Do I need to write my own session
state managers?

Thanks a lot!

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