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Collection of form controls component?

phillip rhodes

I have a domain object called Address that is part of
many other domain objects.

While I understand, and have written a component that
encapsulates a form to edit this domain object, it
requires it's own form on the page, so while I can
present the Person domain object in a form, the
address domain object needs to be edited in it's own
form, so one page has multiple forms.

I would like to be able to create a component that
just consists of a collection for TextFields, minus
the form body.  I would like to be able to bind this
form to my domain object and let the page worry about
the saving of the form object.

I see that somebody tried to do this exact same thing,
and it turns out that we are both getting the exact
same error.

According to the post, it is because we are using
extending BaseComponent, instead of writing a class
that implements IFormComponent.
Has anyone written a component that implements this
interface in which all it does is encapsulate a bunch
of TextFields bound to a domain object that is a page

Thanks.  If I can get past this, I can take the reuse
a little bit further.


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