Default css class on input[type='file']?

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Default css class on input[type='file']?

Chris Poulsen

I noticed TAP5-2518 was created (and closed). We've actually been hit by
the same issue in our product.

After upgrading from an older 5.4 beta some of our pages did not look
correct due to the added "form-control" class on the file inputs. (Added in
TAP5-2408 - The issue mentions the reason to be "for consistency" - but in
practice it breaks the layout).

I tried googling to see how people suggest handling file inputs in
bootstrap, most suggestions was about using various classes (btn and the
like) - none had the form-control class on the input.

The breakage that we are seeing is that the form-control class adds a box
and an explicit height on the input (a height that is too large for the box
in firefox)

Basically I think everyone would be better off without the form-control
class on the file input.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?