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Friendly Links again

Sorry to ask about that topic again:

I'm implementing a Tapestry-Component integrating FCKEditor. FCKEditor
expects a simple URL serving it the directory structure for browsing assets
like images, links and the like. Of course, this should be an engine
service. From what I learned by skimming through some recent posts on that
topic I see the following options:
   1. write a ServletFilter translating the FCKEditor-URL into the
tapestry-service URL
   2. Map the "friendly url" to the tapestry servlet and override
   3. use the existing friendly URLs-Patch
Obviously 3 would be the way to go - if I only could find that patch in my
Tapestry 3.0.3.

I would be very grateful for a quick pointer to the patch as well as any
more general comments.


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