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Erik Hatcher
Tapestry support in MyEclipse, I presume via Spindle...

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> Date: May 17, 2005 4:39:44 AM EDT
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> May 16, 2005

>  MyEclipse 4.0 Milestone-1 Available - New UML, JSF, Tapestry &  

> Advanced Oracle DB Features
>  The first milestone release of the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench,  
> version 4.0, is now available for immediate download at the  
> MyEclipse website (www.myeclipseide.com). Key new features  
> available in this release include:
> UML Modeling - Includes support for Use-case, Class, Collaboration,  
> State, Activity, and Deployment diagrams. MyEclipse UML tools  
> include an integrated UML Diagram Editor and synchronized UML  
> Outline and UML Properties views. Advanced features include the  
> ability to generate Java code from models and diagram export in XMI  
> 1.0 format and the image formats: GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, SVG
> JSF Developer - includes support for Sun JSF RI 1.1 and MyFaces  
> 1.0.9 JSF implementations, Faces Configuration Designer with 10+  
> configuration wizards, integration with MyEclipse Hot-Sync  
> Deployment and WAR Export Tools
> Hibernate Tools - enhancements include a new forms-based Hibernate  
> Configuration editor and a simplified Hibernate Support wizard
> Tapestry Integration - adds Tapestry capabilities and dependencies  
> to any MyEclipse Web Project and includes configuration and  
> template editors with auto-completion and rich project validation
> Enhanced Oracle Connector - enables view and editing of functions,  
> triggers and stored procedures, and includes a Procedure Runner  
> tool for executing stored procedures
> To learn more about these and other MyEclipse features and  
> enhancements please visit the MyEclipse 4.0 M1 New and Noteworthy.
> Platform Requirements:
> Eclipse version:  Eclipse 3.0.2 SDK
> Operating Systems: Windows & Linux
> Java:  Windows - J2SE 1.4.2_05 SDK or greater or J2SE 5.0; Linux -  
> J2SE 5.0 only
> MyEclipse 4.0 Milestone-2
> MyEclipse 4.0 M2 will be available in 3-4 weeks. Target features  
> include:
> Split-screen HTML/JSP WYSIWYG designer
> Spring IDE integration
> More UML and JSF  Features
> Hibernate Visual Mapping Editor
> Eclipse 3.1 Support
>  MyEclipse Professional Subscription Level
> The upcoming MyEclipse 4.0 GA (Generally Available) release will  
> introduce a new "Professional" subscription level for our customers  
> that need the most advanced enterprise development features. Priced  
> at $49.95, the Professional subscription level will be a super-set  
> of the current $29.95 "Core" subscription level features and  
> services. A full subscription-level comparison matrix will be made  
> available shortly. Tentatively planned Professional-level features  
> include the MyEclipse UML Modeler, JSF WYSIWYG Designer, and and  
> Advanced Oracle Connector.
> Core subscribers will continue to receive the same high level of  
> support and the frequent new feature upgrades you've come to expect  
> with no planned pricing increases. As an expression of our  
> appreciation for your support, all Core users will receive a free  
> automatic upgrade to the Professional subscription level for the  
> remainder of their subscription period. Upon expiration, members  
> can choose to renew at the subscription level that suites their  
> needs. This benefit will go into effect on the MyEclipse 4.0 (GA)  
> date.
>  MyEclipse Resources
> The LaLiLuna Library continues to provide new and informative  
> tutorials for MyEclipse and related technologies. New tutorials  
> include:
> MyEclipse CSS  editor
> MyEclipse JavaScript editor
> Struts - Mapping use-cases to Struts
> Debug your web or Java projects with MyEclipse
> Tips and trick Eclipse and MyEclipse
> Visual Struts development tutorial using MyEclipse
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> How did you find out about MyEclipse?
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> Web Articles
> Eclipse Plugin Sites
> Colleagues
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> Company Standard
> Select Testimonials
> "WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT You have!!!!!. I keep running into  
> features that I haven't explored yet (you keep adding them before I  
> get totally accustomed to having all previous features! )I'd just  
> like to say MyEclipse and Eclipse in general are amazing. Having  
> done j2ee projects in the passed and spent hours and hours  
> debugging struts and jsp code, I realize now how simple this could  
> have been!Just wanted to say that your product is great. It simply  
> works. Well, well worth the small priceI searched around and found  
> something that has me dancing with glee, and strangely enough  
> opening up my wallet...Instead of buying a one-off copy that works  
> forever but will never get better, I subscribed to some software  
> that continually improves and uses Eclipse as it's basis and that's  
> cool to meUsing MyEclipse since last December I came to the  
> conclusion that it is a wonderful completion of Eclipse. MyEclipse  
> makes my daily work as a software developer so efficient and pleasant

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