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[Jakarta-tapestry Wiki] Trivial Update of "ShortcutUrls" by HenriDupre

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The following page has been changed by HenriDupre:

  This is a code for a Servlet Filter that allows to create shortcuts to Tapestry urls.
  It is an alternative to urlrewrite. I wrote this code because I'm coding most parameters using the datasqueezer and my shortcuts needs to do more processing than urlrewrite (also I'm allergic to regular expressions).
+ Inside the web.xml I have
+ {{{
+     <filter>
+         <filter-name>ActServletFilter</filter-name>
+         <filter-class>actualis.web.ServletFilter</filter-class>
+     </filter>
+     <filter-mapping>
+         <filter-name>ActServletFilter</filter-name>
+         <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern>
+     </filter-mapping>
+ }}}
  public class ServletFilter implements Filter {

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