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    After following the steps, the code works as advertised -- thanks!  Great tutorial!

I do see a warning in eclipse.  I don't generally like to have warnings in my code, but not sure what's the "Tapestry way" to avoid them (if any).  This is the warning I see when returning the session.createCriteria().list():

"The expression of type List needs unchecked conversion to conform to List<Address>"

Eclipse offers two "quick" fixes:

1)  "Infer Generic Type Arguments", which consists of a) assume clone() returns an instance of the receiver type, and b) leave unconstrained type arguments raw (rather than inferring <?>.  I'm not sure these will work, or if they are advisable, because I've always tried not to assume, and also not to use raw types.
2)  Add @SuppressWarnings to the function.  I try not to do that also, when I can avoid it, since it can hide issues.

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