[NOTICE] Mandatory migration of git repos to gitbox.apache.org - three weeks left!

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[NOTICE] Mandatory migration of git repos to gitbox.apache.org - three weeks left!

Apache Infrastructure Team
Hello, tapestry folks.
As stated earlier in 2018, and reiterated two weeks ago, all git
repositories must be migrated from the git-wip-us.apache.org URL to
gitbox.apache.org, as the old service is being decommissioned. Your
project is receiving this email because you still have repositories on
git-wip-us that needs to be migrated.

The following repositories on git-wip-us belong to your project:
 - tapestry-5.git

We are now entering the remaining three weeks of the mandated
(coordinated) move stage of the roadmap, and you are asked to please
coordinate migration with the Apache Infrastructure Team before February
7th. All repositories not migrated on February 7th will be mass migrated
without warning, and we'd appreciate it if we could work together to
avoid a big mess that day :-).

As stated earlier, moving to gitbox means you will get full write access
on GitHub as well, and be able to close/merge pull requests and much
more. The move is mandatory for all Apache projects using git.

To have your repositories moved, please follow these steps:

- Ensure consensus on the move (a link to a lists.apache.org thread will
  suffice for us as evidence).
- Create a JIRA ticket at https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA

Your migration should only take a few minutes. If you wish to migrate
at a specific time of day or date, please do let us know in the ticket,
otherwise we will migrate at the earliest convenient time.

There will be redirects in place from git-wip to gitbox, so requests
using the old remote origins should still work (however we encourage
people to update their remotes once migration has completed).

As always, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we move
things around and work to provide better services and features for
the Apache Family.

Should you wish to contact us with feedback or questions, please do so
at: [hidden email].

With regards,
Apache Infrastructure

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