Palette and DateField Icons Not Displaying

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Palette and DateField Icons Not Displaying

Hi Tapestry Team,

I have a small problem with Tapestry's palette and datefield components.
I downloaded Tapestry some months ago, using Maven.  The QuickStart hotel
demo release, as I recall.  Anyway, the application I've gone on to
develop since then makes frequent use of both the datefield and palette
components.  Strangely, neither component displays its icons - arrows in
the case of the former.

Having read the documentation on these components, it seems Tapestry has
moved toward glyphicons to source these images.  My Tapestry installation
seems to contain glyphicon libraries in the webapp/mybootstrap/font
directory.  For whatever reason, these icons are failing to display.  Have
I missed something?

I don't like to define these icons inside the <t:palette select="..."
deselect="..."> markup, as this means a lot of duplicate and inelegant
code.  Documentation mentions using CSS to style these components - makes
sense. I could find no palette.css anywhere, nor any mention of palette in
Tapestry's style.css.

Can this be solved simply by placing select.png and deselect.png in a
certain place?  I'm not sure why glyphicons are failing to render, but I
have no particular preference for these image libraries anyway.  What do
you suggest?

Thanks & regards,


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