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PropertySelection and contrib:table

Scott F. Walter

I have been working on this for 2 two with no luck.  I'm trying to have
a PropertySelection is a contrib:Table.  When I first go to my page, the
correct values in the dropdown are not selected.  In fact they all have
the first item selected from the dropdown.  However if I change a value
of one the dropdowns and submit, when I come back to the page the
correct value is selected.

So it seems that I'm having a problem getting the value bound to the
PropertySelection to be setup on initial loading of the page.  Inside my
table I put a block to display the property that I have bound to my
PropertySelection and values are coming back.

It almost seems to me that on initial load the "value" property is not
being set on my PropertySelection component inside the table.  I have
used Propertyselection's before with no problem, however this is the
first time I am doing it from with a contrib:table.

Any ideas, thougths, clues.

Scott F. Walter Scott F. Walter
Principal Consultant
Vivare, Inc.

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