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Andreas Andreou-4
I haven't actually seen this solved in any FAQ or wiki,
but here's a tip that surely works for me ...
At the very end of your switchLanguage listener,
instead of calling cycle.activate(getPage());
just throw a RedirectException (tested) or a PageRedirectException
(don't remember if i have tested this).
Either case, you just have to make the exception redirect to the current

Tapestry Forum User wrote:

> Ok, I'm new to the Tapestry, so chances are, this question might have
> been asked already, but I haven't found any, so here goes:
> I have a pretty simple bi-lingual site. On top of the page (rendered
> via Border component so that it's avaialble on every page) there is a
> dynamic link to change the site language. It basically displays either
> "English" or "French" depending on the current locale choice, and
> leads to the "switchLanguage" listener, like that:
> ...
> ...
> I've found some mentions of the engine changes not being reflected in
> current request - that means I'd need to force a page reload. the
> problem is - I have no idea how to do it, being a newbie and such...
> Anybody could help me there?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alex
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