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Searching and presenting matching row in grid

Good evening!

I am hitting my head with the following:
having a textfield and there writing a value, I submit the value, and I
need to iterate over the rows of a grid and fetch the page and present
the record.

So the template is like this:
<table t:type="Grid" t:id="mygrid" source="entries" row="sqlentry"
t:include="premiumNumber,internalId" rowsPerPage="50"
                         pagerPosition="literal:both" t:add="delete"
t:encoder="formencoder" t:mixins="GetsourceMixin">

The entries is a HashSet or ArrayList.

Is it possible to search row by row a grid and if I find the row, roll
over the pages and mark the record in a proper way ?

Has anyone ever had stack with this ?


p.s. is there a simple example perhaps with custom griddatasource
fetching from a hashset/list/hashtable which involve thousands of records ?

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