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Still Failing: apache/tapestry-5#480 (master - 2dab8e0)

Travis CI
Build Update for apache/tapestry-5

Build: #480
Status: Still Failing

Duration: 44 mins and 23 secs
Commit: 2dab8e0 (master)
Author: Benjamin Weidig
Message: TAP5-2640: tapestry-json improvements

(implement Collection/Map, better exceptions)

tapestry-json: added JSONTypeMismatchException

Added JSONTypeMismatchException and JSONValueNotFoundException. JSONObject behaviour improved by using opt() isntead of get for mor specific types, so we can actually use the new exceptions.

tapestry-json: JSONArray get() now throws IndexOutOfBoundsException

There's no reason to repackage the original exception into a RuntimeException.

tapestry-json: JSONTokener constructors exceptions improved

tapestry-json: improve JSONSpec tests

tapestry-json: better exception building

tapestry-json: added JSONSyntaxException

tapesty-json: javadoc updated

tapestry-json: JSONArray non-finite/nan check fixed

The constructor wasn't using checkedPut, even though the javadoc states that doubles are checked.

tapestry-json: javadoc typo

tapestry-json: added JSONArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

tapestry-json: code style

tapestrsy-json: fix lossy conversion

tapestry-json: source formatting

tapestry-json: throw IllegalArgumentException on invalid doubles

tapestry-json: JSONObject implements Map<String, Object>

To provide better interoperability with Java collections the JSONObject type now implements Map<String, Object>.

The needed changes are marginal:
- putAll -> now returns void (breaking change)
- Arguments for key are Object -> shouldn't be a problem

tapestry-json: added get{type}OrDefault methods to JSONObject

tapestry-json: make JSONArray a "real" Collection (wip)

tapestry-json: JSONArray improve javadoc

tapestry-json: JSONObject improve javadoc

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