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T5: Palette and JWebUnit

Michael Capper
finally i've been allowed to look into Autamated Testing, and chose JWebUnit with HttpUnit. Then after building some successful test for login and entering some data,  i failed writing a working test against a beaneditform with a Tapestry Palette. Short form of the test:

selectOptionsByValues("palette:avail", "...");

I don't get any errors from that itself, but after submit the bean was unchanged with respect to this palette.
Problem seems to be those two select elements: I can select some of the "palette:avail"-select-entries, but after clicking "palette:select" or submitting they are not sent to the server, but i assume some javascript instead adds them as options to the "palette"-select. Thus i was not able to select these options in JWebUnit (list is empty), and could not set my bean as desired.

Anybody tried this? Sorry if this is too much of a JWebUnit-Question to belong in this forum, i just though you guys know your way in Testing :)
I'm hoping for the correct procedure to submit a Palette with JWebUnit, or maybe a workaround with which i can set the selected options manually even if the current select-options in the form does not actually include them.


Somewhat unrelated, i also tried to add jwebunit-selenium to my pom.xml in eclipse, and used the selenium IDE to generate some tests, which i wanted to run out of eclipse. but when i ran those test, i only got a java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Catch body broken: IOException ... Connection refused. When adding the dependency to jwebunit-selenium i also break my jwebunit-httpunit , getting the same exception there.

Greetings from Karlsruhe,