Using FieldLabel with custom components?

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Using FieldLabel with custom components?

Mark Lehmacher
My problem is as follows:

I want to create a component where users can enter amounts in
bytes/megabytes/gigabytes. It is twofold and consists of a ValidField for
the numeric portion of the amount and a PropertySelection for the unit
portion. The component itsself contains validation logic and records errors
(during rewind in it's renderComponent method) to the containing form's
validation-delegate. It extends BaseComponent (so I can use a html-template)
and implements IFormComponent by copying relevant methods from

I want to be able to connect a FieldLabel to my composite-component which
will be decorated when the internal validation logic records an error to the
form-delegate. That, however, is not working. I can't get the label to
decorate itsself and I can't add the FieldLabel into my composite component
either and connect it to the ValidField because I need flexibility in my

So what do I have to do in order to make FieldLabel work with components
other than ValidField? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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