behavior of PropertySelection submitOnChange from stale form

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behavior of PropertySelection submitOnChange from stale form

Ben Eng
The behavior of submitting a stale form is really unfriendly, when the
form has two PropertySelection components, one whose options are
populated dependent upon the value of the other.

For example, let's say the form is for an international postal
address, and the "country" selection component relies on a
submitOnChange to populate the "state" selection component. A problem
arises, when the country is initially "United States" (with its
corresponding 50 states), and the country is changed to "Canada" (with
its corresponding 10 provinces and 3 territories). If during or after
the submitOnChange is posted, the user cancels the request before the
page refreshes or the user goes backs and resubmits, then an
IndexOutOfBounds exception is throw during the form rewind by the
PropertySelection component. The user cannot back up and retry,
because the same thing will happen; the user must back up far enough
to force the server to re-render the page or restart the session.

Is there some way to catch such problems during form rewinding, so
that the application can recover more gracefully? The stack trace is
not very encouraging, because the page implementation class is not
involved. When a form rewind fails like this, I would like my page to
simply re-render along with an error message, rather than redirect to
the Exception page.

Perhaps the PropertySelection component should also be more tolerant
of this situation.


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