using a validation delegate within a component

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using a validation delegate within a component

phillip rhodes
Thus far, I have been using a delegate at the page
level to record errors and display them to the user.

I am refactoring some of my pages into components.

The problem is that the errors that are being
generated  by the component are not being rendered by
the page delegate error display component.

I think it is because I have a delegate that is
defined both at the component level and the page level
(scope issue).

I am thinking that I should make the delegate a
parameter of my component, so that I can plugin the
page delegate into my component delegate so as to only
have one delegate.

Another approach would be to "delegate" the display of
the errors for that component to the component, as
opposed to a central page.

I am interested in other folks opinions on how to best
resolve this design dilemma.  Also, does anyone have
an example of passing a beans/delegate defined in a
page spec to a component?


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